If you’ve found your way here, you’re probably a relative. If you’re not a relative, you’re lost. Either way, welcome!

I invite submissions (from relatives) for a page called (you guessed it) Ancestor of the Month. Depending on how much material I receive this could be re-named Ancestor of the Day, Ancestor of the Week, or even Spotlight on Semi-Annual Ancestor.

Write to me about some-one you remember; their work, their hobbies, their quirks and quandaries, their sense of humour, (or lack of one) and I will post it here for the interest of all. We’re writing the history of the world, people, and nobody can do it alone!

It can be a short paragraph or a 2,000 word essay. If you think your relatives are as dull as fence-posts and you want to sum them up in one sentence, that’s fine too. It doesn’t matter if your great-aunt Claudia from Topeka did nothing but crochet doilies for 70 years, we want to hear about it. On the other hand, if you have deep dark family secrets that you don’t want your other 6,700 cousins to know about, keep them to yourself. I’m not a confessor, just a webmaster.

Please confine your creativity to persons who are deceased. We, the living, have time yet to become legends in our own right. A picture of your chosen relative is also welcome and will be posted as space allows.

So sharpen your favorite pencil, brush up on your typing skills, or write in your own blood. Just choose someone and tell the rest of us something. Then mail it, and any picture(s) you want included, to [JL at]