This is primarily Johnston County, North Carolina genealogy with descendants living around Benson, Clayton, Four Oaks, Selma and Smithfield. The vast majority of these people were farmers and didn’t move any further than Raleigh or Durham, if at all.

“The Town of Benson, which derives its name from early settler Alfred Monroe (“Mim”) Benson, (son of William Henry Benson) owes much of its historical development to the railroad line which passed through the present location in town in 1886 on its route between Fayetteville and Contentnea. Mr. Benson’s purchase of a 402 acre tract along the Smithfield-Fayetteville Road in 1874 initiated the settlement of the area now known as Benson. During the 1880’s Benson sold portions of his original tract to incoming settlers, many of whom were farmers. Benson was incorporated in 1887 and soon attracted a number of entrepreneurs wishing to take advantage of this new town along an important transportation route.”

Charles Bryan Benson & Elizabeth Capps

  • William Henry Benson & Louisa Tyner / Obituaries
  • Ashley Benson & Chelly & Nancy Elizabeth Johnson / Obituaries

William and Ashley were both farmers in Johnston County, probably mixed farming or cotton as tobacco didn’t really take off as a commercial crop until the 1890’s.

Benson Mystery Photos