Faithful Steward

From the journal of Mary J. (Cooke) Levan, (1831-1913) great-granddaughter of Col. William Cooke:

“Edward Cooke, brother of Col Wm and for whom my Brother is named, was lost on the coast of Newfoundland while on board the “Faithful Steward”. Him and his family consisting of twelve persons were lost. Dr. Dougal and Jimmy Hepburn were saved and settled in this country.”

[The coast of Delaware, not Newfoundland-Ed.]

The Faithful Steward was a 3-masted vessel, sailing from Londonderry, Ireland on July 9, 1785. On September 1, the night before they were due to land in Philadelphia, the ship blew off course south of the Capes and ran aground about 100 yards from shore. Due to a heavy storm, many of the passengers were unable to reach land and perished.

Besides the captain, crew and 249 immigrant passengers, the ship was also carrying a cargo of copper pennies, Spanish silver and gold rose guineas.

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