Coonrod Nessle emigrated from Europe, probably Switzerland by way of the Netherlands, as a single man in 1750.  He married Rosannah Toepper in New York in 1753.

Joseph HARRIS married Margaret Nessle of the Dutch community of Saratoga County, New York in 1798. They moved to Erie County, Ohio in the 1830’s and settled there.

Conrood Nessle & Rosannah D. Toepper

  • John Nessle, Sr. & Cattrina Koeck
    • Rosannah Nessle & John Knights
    • Margaret Nessle & Joseph HARRIS
    • Cattarina Nessle
    • Conrad Nessle & Ann
    • John Nessle Jr. & Selina
    • James Isaac Nessle & Phebe Seaman
  • Margaret Nessle & John Lettimore
  • Coonrod Nessle Jr. & Lovina Neville
  • Christopher Nessle