JL BeekenI am not a professional genealogist.

I lived in Ohio until the age of 11. After a whirlwind tour of the planet, I arrived in Canada a few years later. After enrolling in university to become a doctor, I realized that I preferred dead people to living ones and inanimate objects to ones that move quickly. I changed my course of study to mathematics and computers.

JGEN was started in the Fall of 2006 as a curiosity. At first, it consisted of only simple charts. This section has been expanded to include stories, photos and obituaries.

Life is chaotic, death is not. It stops, it sits in graveyards and dusty archives and all we have to do is find it.

If you’re trying to follow the charts and their changes, I would suggest reading WinMerge: Comparing Files Line By Line. This will help you to find the changes without straining your eyes.

Changes to the descendant charts are added automatically to the RSS feed so if you’re interested in following them please subscribe.

If you’d like to contribute names or correct errors, please email me.

JLiki describes a simple method for compiling and sharing your personal genealogy using a single HTML file and linking to other documents. JLiki Plugins offers enhancements to the basic format.

JLog was started through a series of unrelated minor incidents which together constitute a major accident.

It’s a collection of simple computer tips, tools and how-to’s for genealogists although a great deal of the content will suit computer users of any ilk.

Webstream was started much later as a library of web design and marketing resources that appeared misplaced on JLog. If you have almost any kind of a blog, website or online presence, you may eventually find yourself wondering about these things.

There are over 650 pages of content here and I hope everyone finds something to inspire them.

– JL Beeken